Buyer Marcio José dos Santos Scam Wicreset FIRMWARE KEY


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Buyer Name: Marcio José dos Santos
Email: [email protected]
Scam WIC reset FIRMWARE KEY: 38257C2E4FZFZ787
Total Money Scam: $18 USD
Reason: bought and used the key but still request refund
Key: 38257C2E4FZFZ787 (firmware update/downgrade and waste reset).
Created: 2020 Nov 24 18:18:06 (UTC+2).
Status: You cannot use this key anymore because it has been already used on 2023 Jan 06 07:35:11 (UTC+2). You need a new key.
This key has been used for printer firmware upgrade/downgrade to 'WF6590.DE15G4' version.