Printer ModelWaste counters can be resetWaste counters can be readFirmware can be changedCartridges can be disabledFirmware for fixing recovery mode must be enabled in the settings.Additional information
Epson EC-4040​
Read printer status and ink levels.

Read diagnostic report from the printer.

Clean printhead.

Run ink charging routine.

Paper pass test.

Paper feed test.

Nozzle test.

Read/Write printer serial number.

Read/Write printer EEPROM settings.

Reset the platen pad counter.

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Reset Epson EC-4040 Waste Inkpad Counter: NO
Read Epson EC-4040 Waste Inkpad Counter: NO
Change Firmware Epson EC-4040: NO
Change Chipless Firmware Epson EC-4040: NO
Epson EC-4040 Firmware for fixing recovery mode: NO
Download Epson EC-4040 Resetter (Wicreset Utility): Download
Download Epson EC-4040 Adjustment Program: Download
Get key reset Epson EC-4040: Click Here

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